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Zoom Advanced Teeth Whitening Procedure

With many different products available, numerous questions have come up about what teeth whitening product is best. The Philips Zoom! Whitening System can be customized to your specific needs, with the whitening process handled by a dentist. Custom-fitted trays make at-home treatments simple, with the right proper intensity and duration prescribed by Dr. Guillot of Pine Belt Dental. Don't take a chance on over-the-counter products that could be wrong for you.
Teeth whitening is a safe practice, with minor side effects, the most common being tooth and gum sensitivity. Philips Zoom! Whitening has been proven to help reduce whitening fade-back, which can keep your teeth whiter for a longer period of time.
The Philips system ensures your teeth are visibly whiter in one day. With Zoom in-office, you can jump eight shades whiter in just 45 minutes. With the at-home program, you can achieve the same fantastic results in one to two weeks, depending on the concentration of formulation and the wear time you choose.
Teeth whitening

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